Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swimming sensation in Sentosa

Today I had my first swimming lesson! 

Now I know everyone thinks;"dogs can naturally swim', well, that's true but as a new swimmer, if you've never been in the sea before, you need to know you're in safe hands before taking a 'dip'. In my case, my master and I went into the sea together. He carried me into the water (21kg each time - hehe!) and slowly let me float and then swim back to shore! It was pretty easy, but a new experience is always a bit nervous first time. 
 My adventure began with a ride in my trainer's yellow dog van to the small beautiful island of Sentosa. There, we had the chance to meet lots of other dogs (and their masters). Almost all the other dogs were smaller than me, and so many different shapes and colours. I also discovered the fun of running on huge beach, and...eating sand! (although, I wouldn't suggest you do it, as later in the day you can get tummy trouble!). 
We dipped in and out of the sea about 4 times and it was fun to play with the other dogs, but soon it was time to have a shower and get back in the van, however, it was a great day out...when are we going again? :-)

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