Friday, July 10, 2009

Big day out at Botanic gardens!

  Another exciting day out! This time we went to the Botanic gardens!
I travelled in luxury -  a taxi, and I decided to be as 'good as gold', so I sat beautifully during the journey (well, I did want  to look out the window ).
It was an exciting morning out because I had a chance to meet some more 'humans' but more importantly I was able to see lots of those strange creatures called;'birds'. This time I saw lots of birds in the water (I was told they are called; 'ducks'). 
After that, I also spotted some fish and turtles...lots of them!
We walked around the park for about an hour, and I was bursting to go the toilet, but since my toilet is at home, what is a well mannered dog supposed to do? Well, eventually there was no choice; I had to do a puddle in public on the grass! Strangely, everyone seemed so happy for me to do that?
Soon it was time to go home again and so it was another chance to go in a taxi. I quite like taxis now, they give me a chance to see the world passing by without all that paw power of walking.

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