Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dogs and pants!

Other dogs...
Oh what an exhausting day! Today I went out on a very long car journey to visit some other dogs. The place I visited had 4 dogs living there. What made it so exhausting was that they all looked so strange. Every dog was a different size, colour or shape compared to me. They even spoke differently, so I made sure they could hear my nice loud Ozzie bark! One dog was very tall and grey, another was small and brown with a curly face! I think he had a brother (or sister) because one of the other dogs looked just like him (small and grey instead of small, brown and curly). There was even a real old timer of a dog - he looked about 140 years old!
There were so many sounds and smells and sights that by the time I got back in the car I was exhausted! Luckily, my master recognised this and made sure I went home for a lovely sleep in my favourite place:-) a cold kitchen floor.
Today I also pretended to not grab tissues  in front of my masters (it really makes them happy, and I can always grab a tissue when they're not looking- haha!)

Pants meal!
 My adult teeth are lovely and sharp now which means I can get through cotton as quick as tissue now! Yesterday I managed to grab a pair of underpants from the laundry bin and before anyone could say: 'HEY!' I'd managed to ventilate them with some nice big extra new holes - all part of my free service :-)

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