Sunday, June 21, 2009

Room change

It's been quiet while since I last blogged, but that's because I've been having so much fun!
Where to start? Well, the big news is that I no longer live in 'the cage'. Officially on Saturday the cage walls were taken down and I am now the proud owner of a comfortable open space bed! (see photo). My owners have given me more freedom now - I have full access to the lounge area simply because I do 'my business' on an allocated space in the lounge known as the 'pee area'. It's not such a big deal. I just do the act, and then they clear it all away!

My latest interest is fresh clothes from the washing machine. I've discovered where the entry to the machine is and although it's not big enough for me to get in (so please don't worry or panic) I can just pop my head in and grab a lovely range of warm socks, towels, and underwear (the socks are the best) to then hide away from my owners. I've also discovered that they have another room where they sleep, and I'm certain there are so many socks in there (just got to figure out where they are all hiding!). I'll keep you posted when I find the secret stash!
My training is going really well, I can show my owners how easy it is to sit, stay and walk nicely.

Very soon I can go outside although I'm not sure I want to, but my owners keep talking about how much fun it will be. I must admit I'm getting curious especially now that I'm allowed to look through the entrance gate.

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