Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shower time!

Well, as I let you know previously I've been so busy recently I've hardly had time to get paw to keyboard. However, now that I'm here I must tell you about 'Shower time'. About every 2 weeks I have a lovely shower.  I heard that some dogs don't like it, but for me it's very relaxing. As you probably know retrievers love water and lots of TLC, and shower time is both! I get a free shower, shampoo and massage followed by a good rub down with towels (but they never let me play with these towels :-().  It's interesting that they only shower me when I 'm just starting to get a really strong doggy smell?
latest news on the socks...I think they are all hiding in side a big box called a wardrobe...Must investigate when they think I'm sleeping, and they've left the gate open ;-)

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