Monday, May 18, 2009

Settling in

Another week, and I'm really settling in. It's nice such a bad place, meals regularly, yummy puppy food, milk, and tasty snacks. 
I've decided my new target is to explore more of my apartment. They keep shutting the doors, but they're just too slow for me! I also like to grab some of those expensive cushions I saw on their sofa - they look much more tasty than the cloth toys. 
But...reader, beware the pup devil, otherwise known as the clattering coke can! Every time I want to explore somewhere new that I know I'm not supposed to, the pup devil is there waiting for me! And the noise it makes....Yoooowwwwl! I hate it!  I can't even chew it because it tastes so tinny!

Also, this week I had a lovely pedicure and paw trim and home-groom. As I said before; not such a bad place to be. :-)

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