Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home, sweet home.

I'm really starting to enjoy my new home, but my owners thought it would be a good idea to move my home AWAY from its pleasant spot near the air-con, to a much more disagreeable place - lights, warm, and far away from them. So what's a dog to do about that?-Yes, you guessed it - howl like crazy! I made sure they were not going to get any sleep until things were put back in place. I may be a sweet angel, but when it comes to disagreements I'll let the neighbourhood know! So, my home was placed back in its rightful place and it was a sweet sleep after that. A real home sweet home.
Also, yesterday, I received a lovely new present from people I've never even met! They sent me a flat cup (I'm not sure what use is that for me?) and a super yellow chewy toy that smells...Delightful!
Thank you so much.

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